Thematic Areas of Work

‘People in Centre’ works in the following three thematic areas.

Restructuring Human Interventions for Ecological Balance

Unsustainable human interventions have led us perilously close to the environmental disaster. Realizing critical need to restructure human interventions to make the development more eco-friendly, we provide support services for management of ground and surface water, coastal zone management, salinity ingress prevention. In the areas of environmental planning and landscape design, our services include action research, project development and planning, technical support for project implementation, stakeholder collaborations, documentation, knowledge building and dissemination. Alka Palrecha leads this thematic area with her vast experience of collaborating with people’s movements, NGOs, corporate sector and the Government. Click here to view the projects undertaken in this thematic area.

Reinforcing Peoples’ Abilities for Coping with Disasters

Disasters impact people’s physical and material conditions, but many a time subsequent responses weaken them further. Successful rehabilitation and mitigation efforts have always reinforced own abilities of the community. With a strong socio-technical perspective, we provide services for participatory damage assessment, policy analysis and advocacy, humanitarian intervention planning with particular focus on the shelter sector, technical support, multi-stakeholder process facilitation, monitoring and evaluation. Vivek Rawal steers this thematic area with his experience of extensive work in various disaster situations such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami, etc. with various NGOs, INGOs, bilateral, multi-lateral and government agencies. Click here to view the projects undertaken in this thematic area.

Reclaiming Urban Spaces for the People

Present form of urban development has often led to marginalization of the people and particularly the poor by wresting away the control of urban spaces from them. With a perspective that reclamation of physical and economic, public and private urban spaces for the people is important to improve quality of our cities, our support ranges from micro-level programme implementation to macro-level policy engagement. We provide services with regards to multi stakeholder processes, project planning, management and review. We also provide technical support for infrastructure development for informal livelihoods in urban setting to municipalities, government and NGOs. Rushank Mehta, with his many years of experience in the housing and urban development sector, spearheads this thematic area. Click here to view the projects undertaken in this thematic area.